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28 July
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Hi! New to LJ Fandom, but not to Harry Potter! I think what I really loved about the series was how adult it seemed to be becoming (growing with the reader, etc) but when Book Six read more like a children's book than anything I was a little disappointed - especially with some of my favorite characters, like Snape, whose characterization seemed pretty blah.

While I've read Harry Potter fanfiction for a while now, fandom really scared me! But now more than ever I think I need to see the characters portrayed in more depth, so I'm braving the waters! I'm very much a fan of the old generation - Remus, Sirius, James, Lily, and Snape, etc. I especially heart Sirius/Remus, and especially after Book Six I think I need to see some beautiful puppysmut. I intend to be writing a lot of it too, but more than anything I want to read it, so if I've added you it's because I love your work and want to be able to read more, or I think you're really interesting and could help me overcome my fear of both LJ and fandom!

If you friend me back, thanks! If not, it's okay - I won't be hurt! <3